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Canopy is the innovative company that offers comprehensive best-in-class turf care, using an eco-friendly, scientific, and tech-enabled approach to provide a great experience for our customers.

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A Modern Approach
Canopy uses technology to create a better experience for you. From our remote, artificial intelligence-driven quoting that allows you to get your price in less than two minutes to our scientific approach to lawn care, we have you covered.
Eco Friendly
Focusing on the soil environment with biological beneficials allows us to use less chemicals over time to maintain the health and beauty of your lawn. The healthier your turf is, the less weed pressure you will see, and the less we need to apply herbicides.
Convenient for You
Our goal is a low friction experience for you. That means remote, no schedule quoting, monitored livechat and text for responsive communication as well as predictable billing, where we add up the annual cost of your plan and divide it by 12 for easy monthly pricing.
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What you’ll receive with HealthyLawn™

HealthyLawn™ does not include mowing services. To view our mowing offerings, click here.

The following schedule shows what we are doing throughout the year to promote the health and growth of your cool season lawn, which includes types like Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass. We also offer seasonal add ons like fungal defense, seeding and aeration, and top dressing services, which will be determined by the specific needs of your lawn.

Late Winter

An important early season treatment, in this round we’ll apply pre emergent weed control, helping to keep weeds from sprouting as the weather warms. We’ll also treat existing broadleaf weeds and apply a complete liquid nutrient solution to your lawn.

First Service
Second Service
Third Service
Fourth Service
Fifth Service
Sixth Service
Seventh Service

Early Spring

In your second treatment we’ll apply  pre and post emergent herbicides, targeting any weeds in your lawn. We’ll also introduce micronutrient & biostimulant beneficials that include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as liquid nutrients.

Late Spring

In the third treatment we’ll apply complete granular nutrition and organic humic acid. Humic acid improves nutrient uptake, drought tolerance, & seed germination. It stimulates the activity of soil microorganisms, making it a great root stimulant.

Early Summer

During your fourth treatment of the season we will apply post emergent herbicide as needed as well as an additional application of biostimulant and micronutrient beneficials. We’ll also apply complete liquid nutrients to your soil and lawn.

Late Summer

In this round, we will broadcast grassy post emergent, targeting any existing weeds. We’ll apply another round of biostimulants, which enhances the ability of your turf to absorb nutrients, meaning less excess fertilizer in the environment.

Early Fall

In your sixth treatment of the year we will apply a complete granular nutritional that includes humic acid, which plays an important role in the global nitrogen cycle by influencing the distribution, bioavailability, & ultimate fate of organic nitrogen.

Late Fall

Autumn air temperatures are low, but the warmth trapped in the soil is significant. Fall nights and warm soil are beneficial to  fescue seed germination and establishment. Our application of granular nutrition and humic acid aids in this development.

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HealthyLawn™ from Canopy Lawn Care

HealthyLawn™ uses the latest agronomic best practices to focus not just on your grass, but the health of your soil as well. This allows us to use less chemicals and fertilizer than typical turf care programs, which is not only better for your lawn, it’s better for the environment.

It consists of seven applications throughout the year, plus optional add ons like aeration, seeding, top dressing, and fungicide, based on the specific needs of your property. Your instant price will be for our core program of seven applications. After our trained agronomist have visited your property we can make additional recommendations based on your lawn’s needs.

HealthyLawn™ from Canopy includes:

Unlimited Visits
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Complete Lawn Assessment
Lab Tested Soil
Biostimulant Applications
Lime Soil Ammendments
Weed Prevention
Trained Agronomists
National Background Checks
Fully Licensed
Fully Insured
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Canopy have been managing my lawn care for the past 9 months and have been doing a fantastic job. I just had them replace all my pine-straw and re-mulch all my beds to get ready for the spring and they did a great job.
Ian F.
The Canopy team is terrific. Helps make the yard a joy and many extra hands to put it at its best. Helpful as we’ve had done erratic weather patterns -dry wet hot cold outside of the areas usual!! Appreciate expertise and communication!!!
Kathryn A.
Consistently arrive on schedule and always alert of any weather-related delays. Staff is always courteous, eager to answer questions and true professionals in their field. We have used about three other providers in the past, and have now found our go-to.
Michael P.
Absolutely love the service and professionalism provided by our lawncare team. Highly recommend their well priced full service package!
Kate E.
It is a pleasure to come home and see that your yard chores have been done and Canopy does really nice work. They let you know when they are coming and send a report after. They are responsive when you have a question or special request. The professionals who take care of your yard are well trained and personable. My yard did not look like this when I left this morning!
Sharon C.
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